M erle is Retired...L&W Body is For Sale

After 38 years of supplying the world with the highest quality sidecar, servi-car, and motorcycle sheet metal parts and hardware for antique motorcycles, Merle Wolfe has come to a point where he needs to slow down while the demands for his products continue to increase. Merle has kept going to service the needs of antique motorcycle enthusiasts well beyond the time when most people retire, but health and age are forcing a well-deserved retirement. In other words, it's time for him to work on his motorcycles after 40 years of helping others with their needs.

So this means that Merle is selling the business. It is a manufacturing business complete with tools, machinery, and necessary dies to build sidecars and servi-cars, fenders, and miscellaneous parts found on this website.

There are presses to make fenders and windshields, welders and patterns for making sidecar bodies, clicker machines, and dies to cut out upholstery and sewing machines to stitch everything together. There is also an inventory of items available to assemble windshield kits, as well as lathes, mills, and screw machines to make all the necessary hardware. Over the years many people have been shocked to find out that Merle does make it all at his facility.

If you would like to talk about the opportunity to own all or part of this business, give Merle a call at (717) 957-3345.

To see the products made by L & W Body follow this link