All of L&W Body's Products are made in the USA

All of L&W Body's Products are made in the USA

All of L&W Body's Products are made in the USA

BRAND NEW “HOT OF THE PRESSES” 1936-67 Shock “Check” Strap

in Harley Sidecars, Servicars

These check straps are made exactly like the orginal (as per L&W minimum standards)

The straps mount to the front cross brace and S-bar to dampen the bounce on a sidecar.  If you don’t have this…you need it.

Call L&W Body today (717) 957-3345, and order one for your sidecar.


Introductory Price:  $225.00.  Order now.

1936 to 1967 Sidecar Fenders

in Harley Sidecars

    Close up of the front tip of the Sidecar Fender


Close up of the bracing and rivets on a early (mechanical brake) Sidecar fender

Close up of the rear tip of the Sidecar Fender


This fender is for Hydraulic Brake Sidecar Frames

This fender is for Mechanical Brake Sidecars

 L&W Produces replacement Fenders for your 1936 to 1967 Harley Sidecars

Package Truck Fenders

in Harley Sidecars, Motorcycle Parts

For those of you who may be restoring a package truck L&W carries new fenders for you too.


45″ C.I./WLA Civilian and Military Sidecars

in Harley Sidecars

45” C.I. Sidecar Bodies







1936-67 Harley Sidecars and Parts

in Harley Sidecars

1936-67 Harley Sidecar Body


1936-67 Harley sidecar tub made of 20-gauge sheet metal.

All seams are spot-welded. 

All bracing and rivets like original,

Plus these bodies can be mounted on a newer original Harley frames!

So…. put you body in a new L&W sidecar body!

  Also we make a 1936-67 body with a door.  This body is the same as the 1936-67 sidecar except it has a door.  All original accessories are the same except the door trim and the right armrest. The door does take away from the originality, but provides more convenience and ease in entering and exiting as well as reducers wear and tear on the upholstery.


Below are images of many of the products L&W makes for the 36-67 Harley Sidecar, but if you don’t see something you need feel free to call us we may have what your looking for.      

L&W also make all the necessary accessories to complete your sidecar build up or restoration.  We make complete seats with coil springs, seat back lock with key, floor mats, inside foot rests, side trim, front and rear top trim as well as many of the brackets you may need for your to mount your sidecar.


In addition, L&W makes complete windshield kits that includes:

Cover,Top & Bottom Bows, Clips, End Tips, Arms with Complete Mounting Hardware, Windshield Glass. Assembly Instructions

Windshield bolts

Windshield glass propeller washers

Windshield Protective End Tips

Windshield Star Friction Washers

Spare Tire Rack (Mount)

Spare Tire Spinner (Lock)

Spare Tire Cover (Can be purchased with or without center hole)


U-Bolt to Mount Springs to Frame


Rubber Floor Mat

Sidecar Bumper

Front and Rear (Not Shown) Moldings 2 pcs. includes hardware

Side trim moldings (Includes necessary hardware and instructions) 4 pcs.



Inside Foot Rest

Outer Axle Nuts Fender Brackets/Hardware

Foot Step U-Bolt 

Foot Step

Foot Step Pipe: This pipe is welded/brazed to the frame to mount the foot step.

These are the front and rear mount bars for securing the body to the frame

Leaf Spring Shackles for Sidecar Frame

S-Pipe to mount Sidecar Frame to Motorcycle

1924 to 1935 Harley JD and VL Sidecars and Parts

in Harley Sidecars

1924-35 JD and VL Sidecar Bodies. 

Made of 20-gauge sheet metal. 

All rolls and bracing as shown, door hinges, and latches like original.  

Double Wide Sidecars are also available

Complete Windshield Kit



VL Sidecar Body Mount/ Support Brackets

VL Spring Shackle

1924-35 Harley Sidecar Step cast in Cast Iron 

1913-1923 Harley Sidecars

in Harley Sidecars







1913-1914 Harley Sidecar Bodies.  Made of 18-gauge sheet metal with wooden floor.  Rolls in sheet metal are as shown.



1915-1917 Harley Sidecar Bodies.  Made of 18-gauge sheet metal with brass door latch.  Rolls in sheet metal are as shown


 1918 –1923 Harley Sidecar Bodies.  Made of 18-gauge sheet metal.  Latches, bracing are all like the original.



Early 1920”s Harley Racing Sidecar.  Made of 20-gauge Sheet Metal