1932-38 Servicars and Parts

1932-1934 Harley Servi-Cars & Parts


1932-33 Servi-car Body




  •   Wooden Floor
  •   All inside Reinforcements
  •   All Sheet Metal Body
  •   18 gauge Sheet Metal





1934-38 Servi-car Body


  •   All inside Reinforcements
  •   All 18-gauge Sheet Metal Body





Floor, Fenders, Valance Panel, and Valance Bracing Sold Separately



  Accessories for 34-38 Servi-Car 

  Wooden Floor:

  Floor Reinforcements: 

  Valance Panel: 

  Front Valance Panel Support Brackets (Left & Right)

  Support bracket plate to body mount –



     1934-1938 Servi-Car Fenders


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