1941-67 Harley Servicars and Accessories

1941-1967 Harley Seri-Cars & Parts

1941-1967 Servi-car Box

All inside Reinforcements

All 18-gauge Sheet Metal Body

Box comes bare in raw metal (no accessories):

Floor, Fenders, Valance Panel, Valance Bracing, and all other accessories Sold Separately

 For A Complete Servi-Car  Call for Price


1941-1967 Servi-car Fenders

Fenders are 18 gauge Sheet Metal

  All Bracing is Riveted in place

  All skirting is spot-welded in place exactly like the original


Complete Wood Floor, Lid Pad, Towel Bar, Rear Bumper (Steel or Stainless Steel), Lid Support Latch, Lid Support Catch



Lid Support Hinge, Inside Reinforcement Brackets{(Takes 6) A must if you use Side Rails}, Floor Reinforcements: 


Front Valance Panel Support Brackets (Left & Right)Support bracket plate to body mount , Front Valance Panel




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