About Us

About Us

L&W Body is company birthed out of a belief that if it worth doing then it is worth doing right. In 1980, Merle Wolfe built his first all metal replacement Harley Sidecar for the 1936-1967 model years. As his reputation and popularity grew it became more common for people to ask if he could reproduce this or that part. This has now developed into a full line of parts and accessories for sidecars, servi-cars, and now bike parts.

Replacement sheet metal parts are a large part of what we do. Along with the sidecar bodies which are to exact specification for length, width, and height, gauge of sheet metal and spot welded seams, we also produce exact replacement sheet metal three-wheeler boxes with lids, latches, and wooden floors. In recent years Merle began producing fenders for sidecars, servi-cars and springer front fenders for 45″ and 74-80″ Harleys. These springer front fenders can be ordered in narrow or wide brace for your needs. These fenders are three piece sheet metal constructions and are exact replacements for these model years.

L&W also has a complete machine shop where much of the hardware that is needed for your restoration is made. A complete wood and upholstery facility are on sight to make all the essential seat and windshielditems.  There is also a complete punch and die shop which rounds out the facility to make the brackets, and parts to complete your restoration.

At L&W Body excellence is the minimum standard, and many people over the last 31 years have completed beloved restorations using parts made right here in Pennsylvania,USA.  Everything we sell is made in this facility.  New items are being added every year.  Our goal is to meet the need for replacement parts for vintage motorcycles with quality American made products fromL&W Body.

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